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July 20, 2022…The New York International Numismatic Convention [“NYINC”] announced today that Kevin Foley has stepped down as Bourse Chairman of NYINC.  Commenting, NYINC President Mike Dunigan stated, “NYINC would like to thank Kevin and express our appreciation for the 23 years he has served as Bourse Chairman. His knowledge of the hobby, show management experience and sound advice were important assets during his long and successful tenure.  He leaves the organization in very healthy condition. The convention has more than survived Covid-19 and has successfully transitioned to its new venue in New York City [The Barclay InterContinental on East 48th Street]. The dealer bourse and auction venues are virtually sold out for the coming January 2023 show. We are pleased that Kevin has agreed to remain with the NYINC in the capacity of Special Bourse Consultant through the NYINC 2023 convention.” 

Continuing, Mr. Dunigan announced the appointment of Paul Russell as the new Convention Chairman, stating: “Paul brings a strong set of organizational and management skills that are ideally suited to the future of the largest and most prestigious international numismatic event held in the United States. We look forward to working with Paul to update and modernize the convention’s internal and external communications and other information systems.”  

Effective immediately, and in conjunction with the management change, all contact information for NYINC related matters have been updated. All communications regarding the NYINC convention should be as follows: 

 e-mail:                        prussell@nyinc.info 

Mailing Address:      NYINC      

                                       PO Box 33319 

                                        Fort Worth, Texas 76162   

 Telephone:               817-266-1957 

 Website:                    nyinc.info      

 In closing, Mr. Dunigan noted that, “aside from the announced changes, the officers and core management team of the NYINC remain unchanged, and we do not anticipate anything but a smooth and seamless transition as we move forward. The dealer bourse for the 2023 show is virtually sold out, and the auction schedule is completely booked with more auction slots sold than any other time in our history. As in years past, we will be distributing hotel block pricing and availability in the very near future and expect the Barclay to prove to be the accommodating and excellent hosts they were in 2022. 

“The NYINC global community includes a vast number of longtime auction and numismatic firms, collectors, numismatic authorities, academic entities and other professionals. We love this hobby and value this community as its lifeblood. We look forward to our 2023 event as our finest ever.”     

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First held in 1972, the New York International Numismatic Convention is the oldest and largest numismatic event focused on ancient and international numismatics held in the United States. It features a multi-day bourse of the world’s elite coin, currency and medallic art dealers, as well as a full week of auction activity. Concurrent with the event, the NYINC organizes and subsidizes a group of educational programs which strive to foster the study, collecting, and appreciation of numismatic objects. 

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Please contact Convention Chairman Paul Russell, at prussell@nyincinfo.com, 817-266-1957, or NYINC, PO Box 33319, Fort Worth, Texas, 76162. 


















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